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Pink and White Splash Creative Illustration Run Festival Event Print Posters (Facebook Eve

Get colourful and join our colour run!  Run, skip or even cartwheel your way around our course making your way through the colour stations.  Kids can run on their own or you can tackle the course as a family.

Sunday 14 May

Starts at 2pm

Courthouse Junior School

Entry including finishers medal £6

(pre schoolers can take part for free) 


T-shirts purchased after 11am Friday will be available for pick up on the day at the check in desk on Sunday.  


T-shirts will still be available to buy on the day too.


BBQ and cafe with hot and cold drinks, cakes and treats.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


 To make our events happen we need volunteers. If you are able to help please get in contact 

Please don't wear your best trainers or new cool t-shirt.  Although the powder does wash out we wouldn't want to risk ruining something you love.

Holi Color Colour Powder and Clean-Up

  • The colour powder is made using corn flour so is GLUTEN FREE. The colouring agents used to colour the colour powder are E-number food additives; the same kind as those used in the European food industry.

  • These additives are easily rinsed out of fabric – but they are still colouring agents. Therefore, it is recommended that visitors do not wear their best outfit.

  • The colour powders are also easily rinsed out of hair – but the same thing applies. Colouring agents can always leave behind a minor sheen. Blonde hair is a little more susceptible, and previously dyed or bleached hair also absorb colour more easily.

  • A bandana or some hair oil offers adequate protection.

  • Colour powder easily rinses off from one’s skin. With just some soap and water, the colours usually disappear following the first wash. But it is not impossible that some colour powder may remain inside wrinkled skin or, for example, under one’s nails.

Holi Color Colour Powder Safety and Ingredients

  • The colours are EU certified.

  • The main component of our Holi Colors is corn flour.

  • The colouring agents used in the colour powders are E-number food additives also used in the food industry in the EU/USA.

  • In addition, certain minerals are added to ensure Holi Colors are non-flammable and non-combustible.

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