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We have set the children of Alwyn Infant School and Courthouse Junior School a challenge; to make it from London to Tokyo in time for the Olympics.

Every time the children do an activity they can log it with the Team GB GetSet program and it's converted into a distance. So whether they choose to swim, cycle, run or even dance, their effort is added to the team total and helps get them closer to Tokyo. 


Taking part is easy. Click on the 'log activity' button below:

  • enter SL6 5HE to search for school and select COURTHOUSE JUNIOR SCHOOL (even if you are at Alwyn

  • select your team (Children or Teachers and log:

    • what activity you did

    • how long you did it for

    • who you did it with

Your activity will be added to your teams total.


This is a sponsored event. All funds raised from this challenge go towards funding additional support, initiatives and equipment across both schools.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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