Join us for some magic!   

Patrick is a renowned magician who you might recognise from Britains Got Talent.  He will be joining us for 4 shows across 2 afternoons.  If you want something to entertain the kids this is perfect. He is also an old Alwyn and Courthouse pupil, so he may have some school tricks to share too!

The show will be held on Zoom with the waiting room opening 15 minutes before the show.  To sign up, simply fill in the form below and let us know which show you'd like to see.

2.30pm show is more for the younger children.

3.15pm shown is for the older ones.

But it's up to you which one you'd like the kids to see.


We are not charging for the shows, instead we're asking for donations.


Scan the QR code or the button below and enter the amount you would like to donate.




Please read the following rules and guidance before attending the call.

  • Please join the call using your child/children’s first and surname displayed, as stated at the time of booking. If the PTA does not recognise the name from the booking list, you may not be admitted to the call. 

  • Do not screen shot, take photos of or record any part of the call. 

  • Do not share the ZOOM invitation with anyone else. This is for your child/children only.

  • Cameras must always be on, so we can see who is attending. 

  • You must monitor your child/children whilst they are on the call to make sure they are happy and comfortable. 

  • Please ensure your child takes part in the call in a communal area of your home. They must not be in their bedroom. 

  • Your child/children should be appropriately dressed/fully clothed.

  • Performances are categorised by age for guidance purposes. The PTA will not restrict attendance based on age and it is at the parent/guardian’s discretion which call a child attends. Siblings are welcome to attend.

  • If at any point you or your child feel uncomfortable, please leave the call.

  • All microphones will be muted. The PTA will unmute your child/children’s microphone as appropriate. Please do not let your child/children unmute themselves. 

  • Chat function will be disabled during the performance.​

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